Experiment Database

The purpose of this project is to provide a single web portal for requesting CESM experiment runs (including CMIP5 runs), tracking run status, viewing diagnostics, and adding publication links.

Note: You must have a valid CESM SVN developers login or a CIT login to use the experiment database

Timing Data Webapp

Provides an interactive web form for uploading, parsing and displaying CESM timing file data.

CESM Testing and Porting Database

CESM tag development plans and testing results. Must have a CESM SVN developers or CIT login in order to view the database.

Note: CSEG members are allowed edit privileges

CESM Database Access

These pages are for managing and requesting access to our CESM developer databases. All CESM code has been migrated to public github repositories. You should notify your Working Group Chair about your proposed database access needs so they can approve your request.